Classic brown glitter eye makeup tutorial

[Music] hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel today I'm going to create this look using the Jaclyn hill Marcia ballots but the first thing I always do is find my eyelids and I use these Smashbox photo-finish lip primer before using this I always use the Mac soft ochre but I feel like this has more of a soft texture and doesn't dry out my eyelids and I'm blend this in using my Beauty Blender and then I'm going to softly set this with a little bit of translucent powder to keep it in place so now I'm using new Jaclyn hill morphe palette and I'm starting with this soft brown shade I'm just going to blend this in my crease all-over just coming from the inner corner to the outer corner and you personally I'm using is value brand makeup addiction not sure if they still sell it but I believe it comes in their ultimate eye kit and its really soft really nice to use now I'm going in with the shade pooter and I'm going to do the exact same thing as I did with the other eye shadow shade I'm just going to blend this all over in my crease using that same brush and just blend this back and forth so nothing really special but yeah this is definitely one of my current favorite blending brushes besides the morphe & 5:04 so now i'm going in with the shade buns and i'm going to blend this in my crease as well it's a lot darker so I first kind of try to not apply too much product on my brush but softly build it up and I'm really focusing in my crease so not going like very wild all over the place but I'm really trying to focus a little bit more in my crease so now I picked up a more flat blending brush because I felt like that worked a little bit better so now I'm going in with the shade mocha and I'm going to blend this in my crease well first when I created this look I wanted to go for a cut crease so instead of doing this with a super tiny vs. I'm doing right now I would prefer to use like the brush from makeup addiction but yeah I'm just trying to darken up my crease so now for my eyelid I'm going to use the shade beam and I'm first going to press this in my inner corner and then I'm making my brush wet to give it a little bit more intensity I feel like this palette the shades look so much better when you make your brush wet I feel like this is always with shimmering metallic shades but yeah I just wanted to make the eyeshadow shades pop as much as possible so that's why I make my brush wet so now I'm going in with the shade Queen and same story I made my brush wet while I was applying this well not while I was applying it but before I applied this to give it extra intensity any verse that I'm using is eMac - for - my favorite one I have two brushes of these because it's just my favorite brush so I needed to have a backup brush for whenever I lose one of them we get so nice apply shades with on the eyelid so now I'm going in with the shade Roxana Roxanne and I'm using a flat blending brush again I'm just going to press this in my outer V and at the same time I'm also going to blend this a little bit towards my crease so this shade kind of blends with two shades in my crease and it will just make everything melt perfectly into each other and I really like this eyeshadow shade it's super warm it's just like one of my favorite shades when it comes to eyeshadows so now I switch my brush into the makeup addiction brush and I'm just going to blend around my crease to make sure that everything melts together and it's the isle the eyeshadow shades that I applied on my eyelid aren't looking too harsh on the eyelid but it just melts together so now I'm going in with this rose gold glitter by the Brandt certify and to apply this I'm using my Mac mixing medium gel so first I apply a tiny layer of the mik mixing medium gel on your eyelid then I dipped my brush into the I'm going to softly depth is on the eyelet and I feel like me MEK MEK some um gel dries pretty quickly so sometimes I need to go back in with my brush into the MEK mix medium gel and apply a bit more of that product so now I'm going in with this black eyeliner from the brand Beauty bakery and yeah I don't really know it was the first time trying this eyeliner and I'm not sure if you can see it but it applies a little bit sheer so I went on top of this with my end we see liquid liner and it is off camera but you can really see while applying it it just looks a little bit sheer and I did apply a generous amount so I don't know I'm not going to use this eyeliner again but now I'm going in with some concealer and I'm going to apply this right underneath my wing to make it look extra sharp now for in my waterline and can choose the Marc Jacobs highlighter pencil in the shade blacker blacker and I'm just going to apply this in your waterline and also tight line my upper lashes to make it look extra smoky so now I'm going in with a black shade from your morphe palette and I'm using a super tiny brush which is by zoeva disguise this came in in a limited edition kit but I'm sure they also sell it separately it's really nice and precise and just pressing that black eyeshadow underneath my lower lash line so now I'm going in with the shade rocks out and I'm going to apply this underneath a black eyeshadow and a little bit on top of it so it kind of blends together if that makes sense so now I'm using my dose of colors pencil brush I'm just going to blend everything out so it looks super nice and smoky so today I tried out this new mexic term mascara I'm not really sure if it's a new one but I got it new in the mail and it's quite a big brush but it did make my upper lashes and low lashes look super long which I really like I just wish that the brush would be a little bit more smaller but it's fine so far I really like it so now I applied some lashes of Cameron I'm wearing me style sassy for my own lash company and dude I will put the link down in the description bar away you can get them tomorrow or Thursday all my lashes will be back in stock and if you want me to make a video where show the whole lash collection let me know any comments and yeah I hope to see you in my next video I really hope you enjoyed don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you did enjoy and I hope to see you next time bye guys [Music] we pour out the wine [Music]