Cyberpunk 2077 news - e3 2019 confirmed

greetings earthlings welcome to the math queen show I am your host Matt queen on today's menu we have a new cyberpunk 2077 video for you although I had another one ready for you we have some breaking news today so change of plans because subtle project rat just confirmed the presence up next III in the Twitter account of the game saying for those of you asking yes we will be at e3 this year well there is no way this can be more official according to sources from the Triple S League that add to the rumor that started with Valentine's Day treat at cyberpunk 2077 account the game will appear in Microsoft's conference possibly in a similar fashion as they did in past III and there's also an own confirmed rumor that the developer will have demos of the game available to try them this is not confirmed yet and keep in mind that even if this is the plan at this point we didn't and February yet III is in June so lots of things can change except that they are attending that's official and that's the short news I have for you today I won't go on just for the sake of making the video longer tomorrow you'll have the video I had ready for you today with news on cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack so click that subscribe button if you haven't already to be notified when it's up and to be ready for the game when it's ready you can watch all the playlists that is long and full of info that will teach you why are you going to love the game see you in next videos and save in amazing