El ´barato´ galaxy s10!! se desnuda ante nosotros

back again Ana, with the galaxy s10 Martin that´s very important information we will have to find out about the smallest and cheapest galaxy next let's begin ! hello tecnonautas be patient, there's not too much time left is about to end this torture of the rumors and bla bla bla, galaxy s10 says something and s10 + says another thing the phones now can speak? Martin with the advance of technology, soon the phones will join the world of show business and entertainment now a days there are gossip magazines for technologies I like all this rumor stuffs, I feel good and in this video we are going to explain absolutely all about the galaxy s10e, the most cheapest of the three galaxy s10 that are going to be released soon because it has been filtered with real images it is different, don't judge it, and that's why it has a video apart it is not the same as what we saw in the other phones, with the fingerprint sensor on the screen, it is unique, it wants to compete in other segments but not as before when it came with the cutted functions in the processor, it has some, but Anna told me that this is going to be interesting, so I trust her, sometimes she tells the truth sometimes? I'm never going to get used to this galaxy s10e name with that "e" at the end It's the direct competition of the Iphone Xr, that's the idea we will start explaining everything in parts i have it right here for read it and it says he's going to have a 5.8 "screen, but we have a difference between his older brothers and is that it will have a Full HD screen, he has not arrived yet, but whenever we have a galaxy we use it with a full HD screen it will also come with the infinity O screen, with a hole up on the right i have never seen a phone with a hole, but there is people that went to honor presentation to see it, we haven't went so in this moment we have not see anything, i want to see it, and that feature is going to be in the other galaxys the galaxy plus is going to have 2 holes and one difference of this Galaxy s10e is that is going to have a flat screen without the edge screen its a phone more flat, more boring we can say There are many people who likes the phones without edges, it's not my case, I like phones with edges, like the galaxy s9, huawei mate 20 pro, with that very modern look but for those who do not like the edges the good news is that it will be cheaper and another different feature, like the iPhone Xr, is that this phone will have more frames than its older brothers. yes? a lot? Yes, a little more, it's going to have a bigger black border according to the filtered images we can say that it is not wrong, it depends on the price, please do not scare me with the price but we have said it yet, no? I'm not going to say it yet, I'll say it at the end the phones keep the prices we said when we reacted? I think so, I think so ok, ok the next thing different from the phone, and I think it's an interesting difference *laughs* we lost the text on the screen, we are lost I remember it Ah ok, ok I remember what I was going to say now the fingerprint reader is not included in the screen but it will not be in the back, but it will be on the side, as Samsung has been doing with the latest phones that it has released shame, now everyone copies sony, sony puts a fashion and nobody follows it, and now yes, everyone follow it, shortly everyone will have great frames again Martin you want to continue without the text on the screen? No, wait, I'll fix it Ok Ana, so you like the fingerprint reader on one side Yes, it is an interesting location and I think it can work well and obviously you have to prove it they are copying to sony The cameras are another big difference, especially for the back, I'm going to get a little serious, was enough jokes, and the difference is that the other phones will come with 3 rear cameras and this will only have 2 we say "only" because now the phones are coming with to much cameras, but I think that the level of cameras will be the same, even if only are 2 compared to their big brothers Are they going to have the same quality? no, no, no i didn't say that, i said "i think" I'm going to have to go check that and in the front it will have a front camera, which we also don't have clear, those are the details that we must know for know all the galaxy s10e it is going to have 6gb of ram, and only with 128gb of storage their big brothers will surely come with more capacity and all of them will be expandable with SD card. and the battery will be 3100 mah, I think that will be the point more criticizable of the phone it can be, martin, everything is a matter of test it, but the battery couldbe very little but the galaxy s10 plus will have 4100 mah, and we can confirm that it will come with fast and wireless charging but their big brothers has a feature that the s10e doesn't going to have The s10 and the s10 + will have a reversible wireless charge, in this case they are copying Huawei they copy to sony, huawei but the s10e does not going to have reversible wireless charge and in case you had doubts, in addition to having the same processor of the galaxy s10 and s10 +, it will also bring its star features, the headphone jack and the usb-c it's good that samsung is still putting the headphone jack on their phones now many companies are incorporating it again, there is a new fashion this year It seems that it was a fail the idea of ​​apple to remove the headphone jack, there are people who say they will put it back again, but you have to see what they will do, for me i want it back forever and now we are going to talk about colors and this s10e is going to come in more colors than his big brothers yes? *cough* IPhone X *cough* It will come in an exclusive color, which the other 2 will not have. Canary yellow Canary yellow, but do not think it will be a poor color, it will come in degrade as huawei does *cry of sadness* why does samsung leave me? The rest of the colors will be white, green and black Obviously the most poor color is black, yellow I have not seen, and white and green I have seen them in reviews and I liked them a lot and you will be able to see these beauty from February 21 no, no, no, the presentation will be on February 20 oooh sorry, sorry, sorry :C the presentation will be on February 20, you can see it perfectly but from a screen It would be a good idea for me to leave the video and you keep talking do not go you keep talking, I will look at you the presentation will be on February 20 in san francisco, we will do a video that day about the phones, and the pre reservation ... I say this part martin is going to say it the pre reservation is from February 21 The pre reservation starts on February 21, we know this because it has leaked from samsung indonesia the price, I'll tell you right now, $ 849, and all the sources of what we found are in the description, in addition to all the photos you saw because the interesting thing about this video is to know how it will see finally be ok guys, that's all... wait martin, they have to say us what they think about the phone, if they like the color, price and that things what they can see in this video tell us in the comments below, which of this phones you want to buy I think that this galaxy s10e can be a great option more than anything considering the prices of the previous models sure, nowadays the price is not bad but 2 or 3 years ago it would be a scam, it would be the expensive phone on the market We have to see when prices stop rising and start working hard to compete, because those that are below, they will be up soon and that's it guys, we hope you enjoyed the video, sorry for my informality in this video and thanks to ana for giving us accurate information see you later in the next video, bye *cool music*