El increÍble tv oled de lg!!!!!!! 77 pulgadas a 4k

they are coming !! they are coming !! oh nooo !! inside this ugly paper, hides the new and more expensive TV that we have never tried and we are going to discover it next let's begin hello tecnonautas ! you look very happy ana and I'm very excited since the TV arrived, you have not let me open it Martin let's go Ana, let's uncover it The paper is increasingly wrinkled D: He is the king of the blacks! you better do not fall Ana Where is the LG logo? I do not see it, oh there it is LG gives us our first OLED TV to test, and not just any TV, it's a 77-inch TV It's huge, and I swear that when the TV arrived, the box was bigger than me, and this TV weighs 29.9 kg almost 30 kg, a little more and this TV weighs the same as me and if you are surprised by your weight, wait until you see the price because it's crazy D: *Laughs* The price that was released to the market was about $ 11,000, but now it costs $ 9,000 or if you do a good searching you can find it for $ 6,800, that is a good price and if you want a review, because now we will see the first impressions, you must request it in the comments below and subscribe and activate the bell notification to know when we upload that video and the others because we already made a lot of videos about TVs and other technologies We hope that LG will allow us to enjoy it for a while and they do not ask to us to returning it fast We're going to install it fast, that is why we are here try to move it, you are strong *laughs* I think that because Ana's strength they did not let us install it, they came to install it because they did not trust us, because due to their price they can not take risks look how thin it is, if you press a little hard here, say goodbye to the 11,000 dollars I swear I'm not able to move it and I'm already hurting me I am very strong! nobody can stop me Do not put it so close to the edge because it scares me. look how thin is this OLED TV, remember that the OLED is a totally modern format, for example the screens of the samsung galaxy or iphones are now made of a very similar technology which allows that when the screen is on, the zones black are 100% black because each pixel has its own life and lights up by itself, and that is the way you get blacker blacks, is the king of blacks Here are the connections, 3 hdmi ports, 1 usb, 1 card, 3 connections for antenna, 1 network, 1 for audio and 1 optical output and it's a bit dirty because they gave it to us used, they did not give it to us new this time what are you doing? I'm going to show the difference in size, it's like the daughter and it's in front that makes it look bigger, but the other one has a really crazy size look at this size, and the diagonal it's 2 meters long Almost 2 meters, it has 190 cms more or less This is a pretty good feature, a control with the pointer, and it's very good to make it easier to use And this is an operating system from LG And I like Ana, it seems very fast right? is a webOS system, LG says that it is very fast and intuitive and everything is set it up very fast but I do not know how true it is for example, the operating systems of Samsung TVs that until now were my favorites, you had to move on the screen with a button and it becomes a bit boring, but with this you go from one side of the screen to the other instantly and here we have a good example of black colors Generally, when a screen has bright elements along it has a circle of light, right? that is like the light that surrounds an angel for example the new TVs from Samsung have that circle of light, although they have improved it, because they usually have a retro illumination that goes out the sides and many times those circles of light are seen on this TV does not happen that and we are going to be able to enjoy watching movies in the dark, that's where we are going to see that there is not that kind of things mentioned previously that end up bothering us for example in netflix with the cursor we can log in very fast compared to being using the buttons of the control, and this allows us to put our data quickly, do you like my mail? Martin what a big screen, the neck falls short to see the whole screen And the sound? it's like a surround sound and you notice the basis, it comes with subwoofer What this TV has different with the other TVs that are thin and generally they does not have a good sound is that this base has sound speakers just here then this base is well thought because it has enough space to place a good bass and when it started to make sound I felt it a lot, although it is not a sound system with dolby 5.1 but yet i'm very surprised by this sound This wheel is great let me see the control has a wheel right there, oh ! it's true move the wheel and you will see how it works It works very well *background music* and this is streaming, which makes quality worse the 4k in netflix has poor quality, I do not know if it's the download speed or just the television is so big that even the 4k quality does not work let's see how it works on youtube I think it looks much better on youtube than netflix Martin yes but it may be because you are further away from the TV I still see some --- now it looks good, but I still noticing some quality falls when loading the video improves the quality look there lose quality I want to go there Martin, i want go there !! Why they do not invite us to Peru? why? : 'c we have found a video filmed in 12k and it is this one that is playing now it looks pretty good, but i need more Ana !!! i need more !! the bad thing about this TV is that you can see all the defects *laughs* if you get closer you can see people walking on the street In my sincere opinion, if any expert who knows more, I would like to be told, but this type of television would be better to have a good team to play videos in 4k and buy the videos in 4k to see them without any loss of quality and for Enjoy them in their original format because when you see them on YouTube or download them from internet, you notice the loss of quality and you can not have a good experience Seeing it from a distance, it looks like you're looking through a window or like you're flying over New York with a helicopter, you can feel something like that it's very well filmed with a camera that records in 12k and you can not see 12k on youtube other things that can influence the quality of reproduction of this type of videos is the processor of the TV if the processor is not very powerful it may not reproduce all the quality and it is something that we want to see in the review, because in this case so far we have not seen a video that surprises us For example, cars that move on the streets sometimes look like they stop abruptly and that's why maybe it's better to have an external player to connect to the TV it looks very good, but as we tell you previously it looks like the image stops abruptly, you can see it right here in the water it makes a weird move there we're going to have to test it in other ways *venom's movie* did you hear the voice? It like a demon voice *venom movie sounds* the black of the blacks! Martin, What did you think of it now? I'm starting to seriously doubt that the 4k is not enough for a 77-inch screen *the incredibles movie* When you want to try the quality of a TV the best option is to play an animated movie, and in this movie it looks very good and another good feature on the TV is this button that allows you to give it voice instructions but not as in other TVs because this one has integrated the google assistant "Good morning" Here the assistant of LG ThinQ answered us, but I think it also has google assistance, so we have to try it more i said "good morning" and he show us a movie of netflix, but also we can search on youtube or even in the web and we have browser, and it is pretty similar to the browser of a Pc or a Laptop with pointer and with scroll, great !! I thought the google assistant was integrated into the TV but no, apparently it is only compatible with the google home to give it instructions from there, and we will try it now there are some problems, because I am trying to open google home and it says "the application could not be started, try it later" it may be that it is installed incorrectly, I do not know, we will see it in the review and that's why i'm angry so I'll play my new favorite game it has a huge delay ! it delays a lot yes, yes, yes !!! you lost at the end only one was missing I'm angry, I'm angry let's see if we do something right with my usual victories on fortnite, so let's do it Ana let's see in real 4k, let's see that good quality and we're going to put the TV in game mode Ana, join me up here to put the game mode Sports, games ! There it is, so that it responds faster that is what we want, get closer there is a lot of difference from what it looked before get closer, can you see it? this is a real 4k in a big screen to enjoy it in the right way you're going to go blind that's why I put on my glasses, guys really you have to put them on to do these things Look at the quality and the detail that you can see here let's goo !!, i'm going to play with the mouse in the right hand oh god what a madness !! this is almost virtual reality the quality in games is very good and responds very fast, you do not notice much delay no, no, no, run, run, run, we are already dead again there's a chest Martin Wait I am using the mouse in the non-dominant hand change the mouse to your other hand You don't even tell me to run Ana, you do not trust me anymore Uff! there's somebody down here somebody is going to die soon Ana they are coming !! they are coming !! oh nooooooo !! *laughs* How did they kill me from behind if it was closed? *laughs* and I was waiting, with the new strategy I had made *laughs* i'm dying Ana, how do you see the black color? as dark as the night And if we make an approach and seek separation? There is no kind of reflection or in the lighting between whites and blacks, it is amazing What I can say about this TV is that it is huge, it has spectacular black colors, it is the king of blacks, it has an even more incredible price and what I liked the most is the sound incredible by the price *laughs* Yes, sure to recommend it, I can say that it is a TV made for cinephiles, for people who enjoy a good image and sound, is very good in video games, OLED is the best technology to see images today for their colors but also has organic technology that allows to retain an image to leave a shadow or a kind of ghost effect but these things can not be seen in the first impressions, we will see it in the review and nothing else, we will see you in the next video bye ! ;) *cool music*