Pundi x - entrevista soohan han (en - subt espaÑol)

[Music] hi everyone in ombre suhan director of marketing of poon DX and very nice to meet you what are the goals for 2019 so mm I think so mm anything was trying a lot of different things where we completed our ico and we beginning to deploy our export machine across the world so so far we have ship about 5,000 firemen device across 25 markets and 2019 is basically continue pushing and scaling up aggressively so as you know we have teams in South America Sao Paulo vanna's Aris Colombia and we're looking to scale those markets because in those markets they have a real use for cryptocurrency hyperinflation is real in those countries and people are looking for real alternate payment methods to really help facilitate their daily lives so those are the key markets for us to really push in other markets as well for example in Dubai we are working with a partner in Dubai with relations to the government as well to transform their Digital payment landscape so for example the Dubai government has intentions to tokenize their national currency and put it on blockchain our solution is one of a potential way to help facility that has well you have quite a lot of followers in in Spain and South America and in Spain the merchants they want to know when it's when it will be possible to have a bank account in Europe to facilitate the transaction so there are a few things you mentioned we have a lot of supporters in Spain so thank you very much muchas gracias we really appreciate everyone's support in some sort of the plans in Europe as well yeah we do have a business development lead Malcolm who's based in London and covers Europe Africa and us as well so we have actually a few sort of merchants already in Spain so in fact after today we are heading to one of the restaurants that's 90 minutes away from Barcelona to check out how the export is doing is actually one star Michelin restaurant so I'm also excited to see how they function and what kind of customer do and how do you pay with the Expos but in terms of regulation as well so good question are you asked because every market is different and Pune acts as a company we want to be compliant to make sure that we work with the local authorities the local finance government agencies as well that we have the right contacts to work properly so in terms of when we're going to get a banking license and all this we are looking into it we're working of different partners we have a very strong legal team to make sure that we get through our paperwork for example to make sure that we have all the right conversations for example of the start going so I can give you a detail timeframe but we have a strong legal team there working on it because audience regulations are important for us to make sure it works right now it's not possible to use other wallets to pay with the expose it will be possible at some point or do you plan to do it so the short answer is yes of course because their own identity is a software and we want to make it accessible for everybody but we are doing a step by step right so the reason why we have such a good user experience and the reason why I was solution student very strong right now is we want to make sure we get our product right and the next time for x1a is we want to introduce to Effie and then also private key as well which is upcoming too so once we get it all up and running we are looking to see how the API could be potentially deployed across other wallets as well to make it really easy at the end of the day and that's the reason why we also have the X pass car because the X pass car if you look at it is really easy and it's something physical where if people are new to the subject and new to the topic of lock chain or even cryptocurrency or digital currency you can use it and they say hey it's real it's so easy to use so that's step one and then we bring them in to ecosystem and bring them to expose ecosystem but in future yes we see plans to hope to integrate other solutions but that's in the long term in a short term wise we want to make sure we scale properly before we have I make sure move really nicely but we welcome a feedback welcome any comments you have and please send your suggestion to us every kana to improve yesterday in Barcelona you announced the launching of the FA when it will be ready see so the FX ecosystem that we are working on that x1 is powered by will be ready sometime in late q3 late 2019 basically so when the phone goes out the function X network will be ready if not the phone can go out right but yeah the answer is late q3 what can you say about the experience this year in the Mobile World Congress and you want to send also a message to the Spanish followers of who need the experience has been great I mean I personally like Barcelona one of my best buddies is actually Catalan so I love the food I left the city but has a mobile Congress itself it's been very good exposure for fun DX Zek has been lucky enough to be invited to speak at two sessions one and voice from now on terms of what blockchain can do to impact businesses four years from now and yesterday morning he was invited to speak at a ministerial program to share our solutions expose excellent function acts with ministers and policy makers to inspire them actually to see how technology or even blockchain could help to further progress of the different countries as well and of course we have meant really few key executives who are interested in our product and I think this event gives us a really cool exposure to broaden beyond just blockchain because our solution doesn't just restrict to the blockchain e-community it actually benefits across different industries different consumers as well and that's why we are participating in CES participating in NWC as well to really get the word out there to see then that the product is real is working and has for the community in Spain we really really appreciate you guys for your support and we hope that you will continue give us your strong support in years to come and if you see us come say hi I'm always happy to meet a fellow supporter as well but thank you very much muchas gracias and we hope to see each of you in person one day gracias [Music]