Tutorial - porta cellulare winnie the pooh ad uncinetto (sub english y español)

Hello everyone, in today's tutorial we make this cover for smartphone in the shape of Winnie the Pooh the video is in collaboration with Walt Disney Studios Italia on the occasion of the release of the film Return to the Hundred Acre Wood in the cinemas the cover is a sachet it's very easy to do it closes at the back, with a button and below has the hole for the battery charger to do that I used a thick cotton yarn and a 4mm crochet hook if you need to adapt the measure, because with this tutorial scheme and the yarn you have, the work is too big, you can change crochet, use a crochet hook 0.5mm smaller and on the contrary if you see that with this scheme the cover is too small in the tutorial, as always, we will see all the steps and then we start immediately to have fun with the tutorial to do the cover we need: yarns of cotton or wool, to be worked with a 5mm crochet hook a thin yarn of brown color scissors, wool needle, a 4mm crochet hook and a 2mm crochet hook with yellow yarn and 4mm crochet hook make a slip knot chain 12 we begin to work from the 2nd chain from the hook on the thread behind the chains 5sc chain 2 and skip 2 chain on the base from the 3rd chain work again 5sc this is the bottom of the cover it must be about the size of our cell phone the hole in the middle is for the battery charger if you do not have the plug for the charger here do not make the hole, work 1sc in each chain now that the base of the cover is ready, we work to spiral around to make the cover chain 1 and turn the work round 1: 11sc when you get to the hole, work 2sc in the hole, and continue in the last stitch weave 1inc let's weave the other half turn on the initial chains 1inc, 10sc, 1inc, we finish the round by weaving 1sc where we have woven the first stitch of the round weave 1sc so the first round is ready From now on we work in a spiral you are advised to mark the beginning of the turn with a thread or a marker Round 2: 3sc 4hdc 21sc round 3: 2sc 6hdc 18sc ... the 18th sc we close with the red yarn (R) from here on we start working with red yarn too we prepare the red yarn and we close the 18th sc 2sc (R) and we hide the yarn tails hide the 2 threads inside the stitches do not cut the yellow (Y) yarn, we need it round 4 (R): 2hdc 6sc 20hdc round 5 (R): 3hdc 4sc 21hdc round 6 (R): 28sc round 7: 7sc (R), 1sc (Y), close the 7th stitch with the yellow yarn we use the yellow yarn that we left hanging weave the yellow sc in Back Loop Only (BLO) this being the only yellow stitch, so we close it with the red yarn finish the round with 20sc (R) round 8: 6sc (R), 3sc (Y), close the 6th stitch with the yellow yarn take the yellow yarn and close the stitch give the yellow yarn enough length to be hidden in the next stitches work 3sc (Y) 1sc (BLO), 1sc, 1sc (BLO) close the 3th stitch with the red yarn on the back we hide the yarns inside the stitches 19sc (R) We continue with this type of processing round 9: 5sc (R), 5sc (Y) first and last in BLO, 18sc (R) round 10: 4sc (R), 7sc (Y) first and last in BLO, 17sc (R) round 11: 3sc (R) we close the 3rd point with both red and yellow yarns leave the necessary length to the yellow yarn, to hide it in the stitches now take both yarns and close the stitch with the 2 yarns so we have both the yellow and the red buttonhole enlarge the red buttonhole, leave it on hold and we work with yellow yarn the buttonhole and the red yarn leave them on the front side of the work, for later work with yellow yarn 1sc (BLO), 7sc, 17sc (BLO) (Y) round 12 (Y): 3sc (BLO), 25sc after the lap, enlarge the buttonhole and leave it hanging and re-start with the red yarn with the red yarn, using the half untreated chains of the BLO points we work the edge of the shirt chain 1 let's start working from the next point in the half free chain weave 1sc in each stitch we have 1 stitch in every row in the corner weave 2sc to create the curve weave 1sc in each stitch all around when you finish the round cut the yarn a little long with a woolen needle we create the invisible closure enters the whole chain of the first sc of the round and enter the center of the chain of the last sc in this way we create an additional chain, and we do not see the closure make a knot behind it and we bring the yarn inside the cover hide through the stitches in this way and cut from here we work only with yellow yarn 1sc in every point, for all the turns you need to cover your smartphone and this is the result when we have woven all the laps we need to cover our smartphone I weaved until the 27th round now let's see how to do the last round and the closing 10sc now work a row of chains long enough to hook the button that we sew on the back side I have woven 10 chains close with a ss on the base sc 18sc 1ss and cut create the invisible closure, as before so we have a perfect finish knot behind and cut for your ears: make a magic ring round 1: 6sc close the ring the processing is spiral so I suggest you mark the start of the round round 2: 6inc (12) round 3-4: 12sc round 5: (1sc 1dec)x4 (8) cut a little long cut yarn made the first ear, we make another one for the nose, with the brown yarn, make a slip knot and weave 3 chains starting from the 2nd chain from the crochet weave 2sc chain 1 and turn the work weave 2inc chain 1 and cut a little long yarn the nose is ready for the eyes, as for the ears make a magic ring and in the 1° round weave 8sc cut the yarn a little long, and make the closure invisible, as you learned with the pins, place the eyes and the nose and sew with the needle to sew the eyes watch the video when you have finished, let go out, the yarn of the beginning of work and the one with which you have sewed, in the same point, knots and hides through the meshes now let's sew the nose the yarn of beginning work we hide it under the nose, to make thickness when you have finished, tie and hide the yarn be careful to take only the fabric in front of the cover not to close the opening place the ears with pins sew your ears with the smartphone inside the cover to better see where and how to sew them and we sew with a wool needle a stitch on the head and a stitch in the ears take the two crochet layers and we sew in this way when you have done, tie and hide the yarn this is the result when we sewed all the pieces with the thin brown yarn, I embroidered the mouth and with the white I made the gleam of the eyes I sewed the button on the back side the smartphone cover is ready I am very satisfied with the result it's simple but it's ... definitely Pooh :-) and from tonight finally (in Italy) it's at the cinema Return to the Hundred Acre Wood so let's all go and see this new movie this new version of Pooh and this new version of Christopher Robin I wait for your photos on my Facebook page or in Instagram and read your comments under the video as always, I thank you for watching this video if you liked give me a like, share, and subscribe to my channel I send you a big hug, a kiss and see you next time CIAO!!!